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Feature request: extending cross-reference in *Help* buffers

From: Slawomir Nowaczyk
Subject: Feature request: extending cross-reference in *Help* buffers
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2006 21:08:35 +0200


The help window that "C-h f" (and others) open contains name of a file
in which given function is defined. It looks like this:

| python-mode is an interactive Lisp function in `python.el'.
| (python-mode)
| ...

and the name "python.el" text is a cross-reference. On the other hand,
the quote and dot after it are not. Would it be possible to extend the
cross-reference to those characters as well? 

It would allow C-e RET to visit the file... right now I often find
myself having to do C-a C-b C-b RET (which is twice as long :-)

 Best wishes,
   Slawomir Nowaczyk
     ( address@hidden )

Tact is the knack of making a point without making an enemy.

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