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Re: python-mode patch

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: python-mode patch
Date: Sat, 26 Aug 2006 06:08:31 -0400

    Ken Manheimer has aleady stated that he is willing.  Presumably signing 
    for Emacs means giving copyright for offered contributions to the FSF,
    not that anyone can take any code you have written and include it in Emacs.
    In that respect, Barry Warsaw still needs to give his permission for
    python-mode.el, doesn't he?

I see he has signed papers for other files he contributed to Emacs,
but not this one.  So you're right, we do need to ask him for papers
for this.

Ken Manheimer has signed an assignment for all Emacs changes, so he
just has to affirm that we should count this as an Emacs change.

      Since you will probably insist
    that all authors are contacted for this feature alone, 

Yes and no.  If a certain author did not contribute to that code, we
don't need to ask him for papers for it.

                                                           why not contact
    them now?

We may as well as them now.  Would someone like to do so?

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