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Re: Do we need a major mode for verilog?

From: Sun Yijiang
Subject: Re: Do we need a major mode for verilog?
Date: Sun, 27 Aug 2006 00:55:23 +0800

I think there's no overwhelming strength/weakness for vlog-mode to
verilog-mode.  Highlighting, code indentation, code alignment,
sensitive lists generation...  It's easy to switch from verilog-mode
to vlog-mode.  Of cource, vlog-mode has some unique features that
verilog-mode does not have.

In fact, I used to hack a lot on verilog-mode.el but the author of
verilog-mode tries to control the source and is not very friendly to
other contributors (It's official website is http://www.verilog.com).
Of cource, that's only my personal impression, maybe very biased.  But
that's the original motivation for vlog-mode: a more open and public
project of and for the Emacs-Verilog community, just like vhdl-mode is
doing now.

2006/8/26, Stefan Monnier <address@hidden>:
> I used to live in Emacs and work with verilog every day but could not
> find a satisfying major mode for verilog, so I wrote one myself (named
> vlog-mode) and made it public on sourceforge since Dec 2004
> (http://vlog-mode.sf.net).  since there's no default major mode for
> verilog, I wonder if there's a need for such a major mode and if
> vlog-mode is a qualified candidate.  I wish that vlog-mode could
> become part of GNU Emacs distribution since the next release.

There is also http://www.veripool.com/verilog-mode.html

Looking at your tarball, I don't see any comparison with it, could you
outline the respective strength/weaknesses?


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