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RE: `delete-windows-on' completion list should include only buffersthat

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: `delete-windows-on' completion list should include only buffersthat correspond to FRAME arg
Date: Sun, 27 Aug 2006 08:27:39 -0700

        The completion list of command `delete-windows-on' is all buffers -
        `interactive' is simply called with "bDelete windows on
        (buffer): ". Most of
        the time, however, many of those buffers have no windows to delete.

        It would be better to have `interactive' check the FRAME
        arg, and propose a list of buffer candidates for completion
        that is compatible (consistent) with FRAME.

    I think it is better to leave this alone.  It could be confusing for
    completion to fail to recognize a buffer name.

Could you explain a little more what you mean? I use this in my own code,
with no problem. What do you mean by completion failing to recognize a
buffer name?

All I'm suggesting is to reduce the number of candidate buffer names, not
augment it, by filtering them to make sure that each candidate is in fact
displayed in a window.

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