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Re: bug in ?? no rmailgen.el

From: Robert J. Chassell
Subject: Re: bug in ?? no rmailgen.el
Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2006 08:44:01 -0400 (EDT)

[regarding ~/.gnu-emacs]

    My best and most dispassionate estimation is that it was put there
    when the account was created-- it is a standard file in
    /etc/skel/-- and/or a file of exactly the same name and contents
    was put there by the CVS emacs itself upon installation.  I'm
    going to guess you don't believe it was the latter.

I just checked all of my CVS sources for GNU Emacs using find and grep
and did not find .gnu-emacs in any of them.  If it is a standard file
in your /etc/skel/, please tell those responsible that is an error.
(In my /etc/skel/ directory, there is no mention of Emacs, only BASH
and CSH.)

As I wrote in

    (eintr)Default Configuration

    There are those who appreciate Emacs' default configuration.
    After all, Emacs starts you in C mode when you edit a C file,
    starts you in Fortran mode when you edit a Fortran file ...  But
    when you do know who is going to use Emacs--you, yourself--then it
    makes sense to customize Emacs.

Customization is in a ~/.emacs or ~/.emacs.el' file.  (I started my
.emacs file a long time ago; I cannot bear the standard Emacs; but I
do not expect others to adopt my ~/.emacs file blindly ... or even
having looked at it ... :)

There are also site-wide initialization files:

    (eintr)Site-wide Init

    In addition to your personal initialization file, Emacs
    automatically loads various site-wide initialization files, if
    they exist.  These have the same form as your `.emacs' file, but
    are loaded by everyone.

    Two site-wide initialization files, `site-load.el' and
    `site-init.el', are loaded into Emacs and then `dumped' if a
    `dumped' version of Emacs is created, as is most common. ...

    Three other site-wide initialization files are loaded
    automatically each time you start Emacs, if they exist. ...

    Settings and definitions in your `.emacs' file will overwrite
    conflicting settings and definitions in a `site-start.el' file, if
    it exists; but the settings and definitions in a `default.el' or
    terminal type file will overwrite those in your `.emacs' file.

~/.gnu-emacs is none of these.

    Robert J. Chassell                         
    address@hidden                         GnuPG Key ID: 004B4AC8
    http://www.rattlesnake.com                  http://www.teak.cc

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