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RE: change cursor type when idle

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: change cursor type when idle
Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2006 09:58:51 -0700

    >     > In my own implementation, this feature is separate from
    >     > whether or not the cursor should blink, which I think
    >     > is a little better. I just use a timer
    >     But isn't there people who can not stand blinking (cursors)?

    > Yes, that was my point. The two features should be
    > independent: 1) whether or not the cursor blinks, 2) whether
    > or not the cursor changes to a box when Emacs is idle. There
    > is no logical connection between these.

    Fine! Sorry, I misread it. Should we then just leave it to the
    user what cursor should be shown when Emacs is idle (color,
    shape etc)?

IMO, yes. However, in my own code, I just use `box' for the idle cursor. It
doesn't make much sense to use another cursor for the idle state, but I
suppose we might as well leave that up to the user: have an option for the
idle cursor type, whose default value would be `box'.

I hadn't thought of changing the color as well, but that is a possibility.
I'm not sure it's important, but perhaps it would be, if the cursor color
did not stand out and you wanted it to do so when Emacs is idle.

I actually also use code that (optionally) changes the cursor type,
depending on whether the mode is overwrite (bar) or read-only (box), and
changes the cursor color, depending on whether or not you are using an input
method (thx to a suggestion from Juri). I mention this only to point out
that users might also change the cursor type or color independently of the
idle/active state of Emacs, so we don't want to trample on such

(And I take advantage of this opportunity to again support Juri's suggestion
to add command `set-cursor-type' to Emacs.)

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