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RE: cua-mode and the tutorial

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: cua-mode and the tutorial
Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2006 10:55:27 -0700

I haven't been following this closely, so, please, no flames if I'm off the
mark or if this has already been suggested.

Would this be a good approach?

1. Mention in the Emacs tutorial that it applies to the standard (default)
key bindings.

2. Perhaps detect non-standard bindings, and draw attention to #1 with an
explicit message.

3. Perhaps point out again, in specific sections, that the bindings used
there are the standard ones. Perhaps mention the corresponding commands by
name, so users can nevertheless try them (if appropriate).

4. Provide a separate tutorial for CUA, which complements the Emacs tutorial
and covers the parts of the Emacs tutorial that don't make sense for CUA.


1. Not try to make the Emacs tutorial work for CUA mode and such, but have
it at least point out that it is not for CUA mode.

2. Have CUA mode be responsible for teaching CUA mode.

Again, I didn't follow the thread, and I'm not very familiar with CUA mode.
If this suggestion helps, fine; if not, ignore it.

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