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Re: How to stop find-grep-dired?

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: How to stop find-grep-dired?
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2006 01:46:22 +0300
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>     I see it bound to `kill-compilation', `kill-grep', `kill-find',
>     `ps-run-kill', `tex-kill-job' and no more.
> That is a fair number of different modes.
>     It is even no available for the buffer where it is very necessary:
>     there is no keybinding to kill the process in the *Async Shell Command*.
> Would you like to add a definition for that mode?

*Async Shell Command* is in shell-mode which inherits from comint-mode.
comint-mode has the commands `comint-quit-subjob' (C-c C-z),
`comint-stop-subjob' (C-c C-\), `comint-interrupt-subjob' (C-c C-c),
and `comint-kill-subjob' (not bound to C-c C-k as one would expect!),
and none of them works in *Async Shell Command*, because
`shell-filter-ctrl-a-ctrl-b' called via `comint-skip-input' fails here.
(see bug in emacs-pretest-bug).

Juri Linkov

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