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Re: need option so line-move-to-column ignores fields, plus patch

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: need option so line-move-to-column ignores fields, plus patch
Date: Mon, 04 Sep 2006 13:18:08 -0400

    > So, can we find specific cases where some other incompatible behavior
    > is positively desirable?  It would be useful for people to look
    > for the other facilities that use fields, to see what cases there are
    > where we would not want this behavior.

    i don't expect line-move-ignore-fields to be used everywhere, or even
    as the default.

I am looking for a way to avoid the need for such an option,
a way to make the command DTRT for everyone without need for
parameters.  And I think I have found one.

I would like people to help me check whether this solution really works.

      i would want motion from the structure (left-hand)
    side of a line (corresponding to the minibuffer's prompt), to another
    line with structure, to remain in the structure side if the columns
    line up.

Since the minibuffer has only one prompt, this case cannot occur
in the minibuffer.  Therefore, if we make C-n and C-p do this,
the change need not have any effect on the minibuffer.

So far I see no problem with my proposal as modified by your request.
But what about comint?  It uses fields for the prompts, right?
Would this behavior be right for comint?

    offhand, that policy is not what i prefer, however.  i do not see it
        necessary to retain the cursor within the structure area or the
    content area when moving between lines.

In that case, what behavior WOULD you prefer?

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