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Re: address@hidden: Re: address@hidden: mouse-autoselect-window needs a

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: address@hidden: Re: address@hidden: mouse-autoselect-window needs a de lay]]
Date: Tue, 05 Sep 2006 14:53:57 +0200
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> Don't (mouse-position) or (mouse-pixel-position) give the current position
> when you install the timer?

No.  I use `mouse-position' and it gives the position where the mouse
pointer crosses the window border, in the window I move to.  I didn't
try `mouse-pixel-position' but IMO it would be a bug if it did refer to
another position.

>>When the timer triggers I do (provided other conditions apply as well)
>>- for a positive delay select the window,
> Do we really need that option?

A simple delay is standard for focus follows mouse policies.  I don't
really want to omit that.

>>- for a negative delay check whether mouse-position is the same as the
>>  last time I checked.
> That's what I think should be the default ... don't select the window until
> the mouse movement stops.  But detect that quickly!

You can always set the delay to a very small value.  In my experience
less than 0.2 seconds never sensibly delays selection but may select the
window too quickly.  It depends on your mouse mileage though, personally
I like nervous mice.

> Can't you just use a (fixed) 0.1 second timer the first time ?

It's been one of my first attempts to deal with the problem (and I used
exactly 0.1 seconds IIRC).  It didn't work reliably though, and I didn't
try to find out why.  Maybe another timer ...

>>Currently, there is only one delay.  Do you think I should use two
>>different delays?
> No.  One timer "mouse-movement-stopped-timeout" would be ok.

What about a cons with the delay in the car and a boolean for
"dont-select-while-mouse-moves" in the cdr?

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