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Re: The order input events are processed.

From: Michaël Cadilhac
Subject: Re: The order input events are processed.
Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2006 11:08:53 +0200
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Richard Stallman <address@hidden> writes:

> The whole point of unread-post-input-method-events is to be processed
> first.  Changing it to operate last will break it.  When an input method
> runs and generates a sequence of several events, those events must
> be processed before whatever is in unread-command-events.

Ok, seems reasonable ;-)

> One way to fix it is for sit_for to test these variables directly
> so that it doesn't need to change them.  Does anyone see a problem
> with that?

Does it mean that sit-for will have to do active wait [1] ? I think
it's not a good way to go, or have we an alternative?

In a first place, I thought that `read-char' could store the var from
which the char read has been taken, so that a function `putback-char'
could but it back in the good list.  How about that ?

However,  I've   always  dreamt  about  an  unique   entry  point  for
unread-events: unread-command-events would  store direct events (u-c-e
= '(?a ?b))  or events as a cons, the cdr  telling if input-method has
to be used (u-c-e = '(?a (?b . nil) ?c)). Does it seems crazy? [2]

[1]  (while (not (or unread-command-events unread-*))

[2]  Of course, _after_ the release ;-)

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