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fancy splash screen

From: martin rudalics
Subject: fancy splash screen
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2006 10:45:16 +0200
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Thanks for making the fancy splash screen persistent for copying.  I
noticed a couple of minor issues:

(1) The line

"You can do basic editing with the menu bar and scroll bar using the

occurs twice.  That seems unprofessional.

(2) The items below do not line up well with proportional font.  I'd use

Important Help menu items:
Emacs Tutorial  Learn how to use Emacs efficiently (Einf├╝hrung in Emacs)
Emacs FAQ       Frequently asked questions and answers
(Non)Warranty   GNU Emacs comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY
Get New Versions        How to obtain the latest version of Emacs
Copying Conditions      Conditions for redistributing and changing Emacs
Read the Emacs Manual   View the Emacs manual using Info
More Manuals / Ordering Manuals       Buying printed manuals from the FSF

instead (replacing "Getting ..." by "Get ..." in the Help menu as well).

(3) I'd interchange the following two lines

Exit Emacs      (Or type Control-x followed by Control-c)
Recover Crashed Session Recover files you were editing before a crash

while trying to combine the "Recover ..." line with the closing

"If an Emacs session crashed recently, type M-x recover-session RET
to recover the files you were editing."

provided the auto-save-list directory exists, and write Meta-x instead
of M-x.

(4) On my system the Copyright Notice is hardly visible.  The :height
0.5 option scales very badly and should be removed.

(5) The text of `fancy-splash-help-echo' should appear permanently on
the splash screen and not annoyingly pop up via tooltips (which on some
systems might not even be present).  This holds for the help-echo on the
image as well.

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