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GTK file selector dialog with help text too small

From: Jiri Pejchal
Subject: GTK file selector dialog with help text too small
Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2006 18:48:19 +0200
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If I try to visit a file with the new GTK2 file selector, I can see six
files without scrolling at once. That's about 40 % less than for
example in Firefox, where I can read ten files.

The area for selecting files is already rather small and with the
help messages it's even smaller.

Could the area for selecting files be made bigger or could there
be an option to turn off the help messages?

"Type C-l to display a file name text entry box."
This behaviour is common to all gtk programs. It's not very obvious,
but it works everywhere. You can also get the text entry box when you
begin to type the path with '/' or '~'. Is this a right place
to mention it?

"If you don't like this file selector use the corresponding
keybinding or customize use-file-dialog to turn it off."
I don't like it because of this text:-) and would like to turn off
just the help messages.

Jiri Pejchal

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