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small batch of important allout patches

From: Ken Manheimer
Subject: small batch of important allout patches
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2006 00:46:10 -0400

among other things, this patch fixes a non-terminating loop problem
with exposure annotation in certain cases.

2006-09-18  Ken Manheimer  <address@hidden>

        * allout.el (allout-unprotected): Let inhibit-read-only only when
        buffer-read-only isn't set.
        (allout-annotate-hidden): Enable topic annotation during copies
        even when the buffer is read-only, eg for topic copies.  Ensure
        that the loop advances, even when the span extends beyond the
        deletion region.
        (allout-toggle-subtree-encryption): Use
        allout-structure-added-hook rather than
        allout-exposure-changed-hook, as a stronger assertion.
        (allout-keybindings-list): add bindings for
        allout-copy-line-as-kill and allout-copy-topic-as-kill.
        (allout-copy-line-as-kill, allout-copy-topic-as-kill): copy
        wrappers for allout-kill-line and allout-kill-topic.
        (allout-listify-exposed): Position correctly to accumulate lines.


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