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Re: font-locking and open parens in column zero

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: font-locking and open parens in column zero
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2006 19:40:01 -0400

     > I suppose so -- and isn't the feature available for C?
     > When Emacs does get confused about a ( in C mode,
     > does it show that ( in red?

    It can't.  C mode uses its own `beginning-of-defun-function' and Emacs
    doesn't bother in that case (font-lock isn't clairvoyant).

Where is the code which does this?  We could look at making it
handle the case where there is a beginning-of-defun-function,
if you show me which code would need to be changed.

     > My point is that the ( usually does not appear in red
     > because Emacs usually does not get confused by it.

    With `syntax-ppss' Emacs usually doesn't get confused for Elisp either.
    It will get confused iff it has to use `beginning-of-defun' when there's
    no suitable cache entry.  Hence, whatever holds for Elisp holds for C.

I can't follow what you are saying.  It sounds like you are saying that
this feature does NOT work as designed either for Lisp or for C.
Is that what you mean?

If so, can you provide a complete self-contained description of the
problem?  That is what I need in order to understand.

Can you provide a test case for the problem?

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