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Re: address@hidden: Re: View Changes In File failure]

From: Ron
Subject: Re: address@hidden: Re: View Changes In File failure]
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2006 13:51:25 +0200

I followed your instructions precisely.  No bug.  The first thing you
should try is to use the latest version of Emacs in CVS, and see if
the bug is present.

I installed the latest version from CVS using the following configure options:
./configure  \
 --with-xpm \
 --with-tiff \
 --with-gif   \
 --with-png   \
 --with-x     \

When I do the same as in the original bug-report I get in the lower
half of my screen a *Diff* buffer which is filled with a diff, which
looks at good at first sight. The only problem now is that the
modeless window with the question buttons still is modeless, so I
can't click on the *Diff* buffer to see it. I can however do View This
File, and then get to the original file buffer and then do C-x o to
switch to the *Diff* buffer. This seems better behaviour, but when I
open and close a few buffers and actually do something it seems to
stop working after some time. This description won't help you as I am
well aware, but I would like to mention it. For now, it would be nice
if the above behaviour when someone clicks on the View Changes In File
would be changed to:
-hide modeless question window
-switch point to the *Diff* buffer

Another rather lame property of the GTK modeless window is that when
you move it with the mouse you can wipe your screen white with it, due
to refresh bugs in either Emacs or GTK.

The quality of the code regarding to the GTK binding in Emacs seems low.


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