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Re: allout bug

From: Ken Manheimer
Subject: Re: allout bug
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2006 12:51:09 -0400

On 9/21/06, Stephen Berman <address@hidden> wrote:
If you call allout-show-current-branches on a heading that contains
subheadings, it raises a "Wrong type argument: number-or-marker-p"
error.[1] You also get this error if you use `+' in an exposure-spec
applied to a heading that contains subheadings.  The reason in both
cases is that allout-show-current-branches calls allout-show-children
with argument `t', which is passed to the `levels' argument of
allout-chart-subtree and there barfs on the first numerical comparison
test it hits.  I don't know what the best fix for this is, but the
following patch to allout-chart-subtree has worked fine for me so far,
though it looks like an ugly hack:

you discovered some incoherence in the way that allout-chart-subtree,
allout-chart-to-reveal, and allout-show-children treated their level

i think the right thing is for the two chart routines to treat a nil
level parameter as unlimited, but allout-show-children needs to
default it to 1, so it needs the value of t to mean unlimited.  it
used to be that allout-chart-subtree would have the same
interpretation of t, but that was never advertised, and i think it's

among other things, the following (and attached) patch changes the
signatures so that the level parameter is treated as described above.
i think it rectifies the problem you found, and leaves the specific
level settings working properly.  (i think your patch might disrupt
the latter, but getting the use of the level paramater rational and
explicit is worthwhile, in any case.)

i'd appreciate if you would try out the new version before anyone
commits it to the repository.

(my patch includes some other things i've accumulated, including a fix
for a rather obsure bug, running of a more suitable allout change hook
at one point, and introduction of needed copy-as-kill wrappers for
allout-kill-topic and allout-kill-line.  i'll detail these properly
with a ChangeLog entry once the fix in question is confirmed.)

i'm also curious whether your use of the allout-show-current-branches
means that you're playing with extending allout?  it seems a bit out
of the way in typical interactive use.  or do you have a binding for
it, for interactive use?  i just use a repeat count with
allout-show-children for that purpose...

anyway, thanks for the clear, helpful bug report, and your digging to
flesh it out!

Index: allout.el
RCS file: /sources/emacs/emacs/lisp/allout.el,v
retrieving revision 1.83
diff -u -u -r1.83 allout.el
--- allout.el   16 Sep 2006 10:24:24 -0000      1.83
+++ allout.el   21 Sep 2006 16:38:56 -0000
@@ -698,9 +698,11 @@
        ("*" allout-rebullet-current-heading)
        ("#" allout-number-siblings)
        ("\C-k" allout-kill-line t)
+        ("\M-k" allout-copy-line-as-kill t)
        ("\C-y" allout-yank t)
        ("\M-y" allout-yank-pop t)
        ("\C-k" allout-kill-topic)
+        ("\M-k" allout-copy-topic-as-kill)
                                        ; Miscellaneous commands:
        ;([?\C-\ ] allout-mark-topic)
        ("@" allout-resolve-xref)
@@ -1279,7 +1281,7 @@
;;;_   > allout-unprotected (expr)
(defmacro allout-unprotected (expr)
  "Enable internal outline operations to alter invisible text."
-  `(let ((inhibit-read-only t)
+  `(let ((inhibit-read-only (if (not buffer-read-only) t))
         (inhibit-field-text-motion t))
;;;_   = allout-mode-hook
@@ -1693,7 +1695,9 @@
        Topic-oriented Killing and Yanking:
\\[allout-kill-topic]   allout-kill-topic       Kill current topic, including
-\\[allout-kill-line]   allout-kill-line        Like kill-line, but reconciles
numbering, etc.
+\\[allout-copy-topic-as-kill]  allout-copy-topic-as-kill Copy current
topic, including offspring.
+\\[allout-kill-line]   allout-kill-line        kill-line, attending to outline
+\\[allout-copy-line-as-kill]   allout-copy-line-as-kill Copy line but
don't delete it.
\\[allout-yank] allout-yank             Yank, adjusting depth of yanked topic to
                                depth of heading if yanking into bare topic
                                heading (ie, prefix sans text).
@@ -2087,10 +2091,7 @@
(defun allout-before-change-handler (beg end)
  "Protect against changes to invisible text.

-See allout-overlay-interior-modification-handler for details.
-This before-change handler is used only where modification-hooks
-overlay property is not supported."
+See allout-overlay-interior-modification-handler for details."

  (if (and (allout-mode-p) undo-in-progress (allout-hidden-p))
@@ -2201,8 +2202,9 @@
    (and (looking-at allout-regexp)
-         (not (allout-aberrant-container-p))
-        (allout-prefix-data))))
+         (allout-prefix-data)
+         (or (> allout-recent-depth allout-doublecheck-at-and-shallower)
+             (not (allout-aberrant-container-p))))))
;;;_    > allout-on-heading-p ()
(defalias 'allout-on-heading-p 'allout-on-current-heading-p)
;;;_    > allout-e-o-prefix-p ()
@@ -2328,7 +2330,7 @@

    (cond ((and depth (<= depth 0) 0))
-          ((or (not depth) (= depth (allout-depth)))
+          ((or (null depth) (= depth (allout-depth)))
           (let ((index 1))
             (while (allout-previous-sibling allout-recent-depth nil)
               (setq index (1+ index)))
@@ -2504,13 +2506,13 @@
(defun allout-chart-subtree (&optional levels visible orig-depth prev-depth)
  "Produce a location \"chart\" of subtopics of the containing topic.

-Optional argument LEVELS specifies the depth \(relative to start
-depth) for the chart.
+Optional argument LEVELS specifies a depth limit \(relative to start
+depth) for the chart.  Null LEVELS means no limit.

When optional argument VISIBLE is non-nil, the chart includes
only the visible subelements of the charted subjects.

-The remaining optional args are not for internal use by the function.
+The remaining optional args are for internal use by the function.

Point is left at the end of the subtree.

@@ -2617,16 +2619,19 @@

  "Return a flat list of hidden points in subtree CHART, up to DEPTH.

+If DEPTH is nil, include hidden points at any depth.
Note that point can be left at any of the points on chart, or at the
start point."

  (let (result here)
-    (while (and (or (eq depth t) (> depth 0))
+    (while (and (or (null depth) (> depth 0))
      (setq here (car chart))
      (if (listp here)
-         (let ((further (allout-chart-to-reveal here (or (eq depth t)
-                                                          (1- depth)))))
+         (let ((further (allout-chart-to-reveal here (if (null depth)
+                                                          depth
+                                                        (1- depth)))))
            ;; We're on the start of a subtree - recurse with it, if there's
            ;; more depth to go:
            (if further (setq result (append further result)))
@@ -4187,6 +4192,14 @@
            (allout-renumber-to-depth depth)))
      (run-hook-with-args 'allout-structure-deleted-hook depth (point)))))
+;;;_    > allout-copy-line-as-kill ()
+(defun allout-copy-line-as-kill ()
+  "Like allout-kill-topic, but save to kill ring instead of deleting."
+  (interactive)
+  (let ((buffer-read-only t))
+    (condition-case nil
+        (allout-kill-line)
+      (buffer-read-only nil))))
;;;_    > allout-kill-topic ()
(defun allout-kill-topic ()
  "Kill topic together with subtopics.
@@ -4223,11 +4236,20 @@
      (allout-renumber-to-depth depth))
    (run-hook-with-args 'allout-structure-deleted-hook depth (point))))
+;;;_    > allout-copy-topic-as-kill ()
+(defun allout-copy-topic-as-kill ()
+  "Like allout-kill-topic, but save to kill ring instead of deleting."
+  (interactive)
+  (let ((buffer-read-only t))
+    (condition-case nil
+        (allout-kill-topic)
+      (buffer-read-only (message "Topic copied...")))))
;;;_    > allout-annotate-hidden (begin end)
(defun allout-annotate-hidden (begin end)
  "Qualify text with properties to indicate exposure status."

-  (let ((was-modified (buffer-modified-p)))
+  (let ((was-modified (buffer-modified-p))
+        (buffer-read-only nil))
     (remove-text-properties begin end '(allout-was-hidden t)))
@@ -4237,8 +4259,10 @@
          ;; at or advance to start of next hidden region:
          (if (not (allout-hidden-p))
              (setq next
-                    (next-single-char-property-change (point)
-                                                      'invisible nil end)))
+                    (max (1+ (point))
+                         (next-single-char-property-change (point)
+                                                           'invisible
+                                                           nil end))))
          (if (or (not next) (eq prev next))
              ;; still not at start of hidden area - must not be any left.
              (setq done t)
@@ -4600,8 +4624,13 @@
          (let* (depth
-                 (chart (allout-chart-subtree (or level 1)))
-                 (to-reveal (or (allout-chart-to-reveal chart (or level 1))
+                 ;; translate the level spec for this routine to the ones
+                 ;; used by -chart-subtree and -chart-to-reveal:
+                 (chart-level (cond ((not level) 1)
+                                    ((eq level t) nil)
+                                    (t level)))
+                 (chart (allout-chart-subtree chart-level))
+                 (to-reveal (or (allout-chart-to-reveal chart chart-level)
                                ;; interactive, show discontinuous children:
                                (and chart
@@ -5169,7 +5198,8 @@
          (when (< (point) next)      ; Resume from after hid text, if any.
-            (line-move 1))
+            (line-move 1)
+            (beginning-of-line))
          (setq beg (point)))
        ;; Accumulate list for this topic:
        (setq strings (nreverse strings))
@@ -5745,8 +5775,8 @@
           ;; Add the is-encrypted bullet qualifier:
           (goto-char after-bullet-pos)
           (insert "*"))))
-      (run-hook-with-args 'allout-exposure-changed-hook
-                          bullet-pos subtree-end nil))))
+      (run-hook-with-args 'allout-structure-added-hook
+                          bullet-pos subtree-end))))
;;;_  > allout-encrypt-string (text decrypt allout-buffer key-type for-key
;;;                                  fetch-pass &optional retried verifying
;;;                                  passphrase)

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