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Re: Did something change with respect to Emacs idle loop:

From: T. V. Raman
Subject: Re: Did something change with respect to Emacs idle loop:
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2006 18:11:05 -0700

That's a bit harder to do -- since Emacs is also my primary
compute environment for getting spoken feedback. I'm happy to do
that as a last resort, but I'd prefer to wait a couple of days
to see if someone can pin-point it to at least a couple of
specific files.

>>>>> "Romain" == Romain Francoise <address@hidden> writes:
    Romain> "T. V. Raman" <address@hidden> writes:
    >> So anyway, I believe the bits that changed the behavior
    >> got checked in since Sep 17, and sometime before Tuesday
    >> September 19 -- I started noticing the bizarre behavior
    >> first yesterday evening PDT
    Romain> Could you try "bisecting" to identify the change
    Romain> which causes this behavior?
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