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RE: Overlay before-string property

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Overlay before-string property
Date: Sun, 1 Oct 2006 09:20:54 -0700

    > Does a before-string overlay perhaps automatically pick up
    > the face of the string it precedes, unless it has its own?
    > Does it spread its own face, if present, to the string it
    > precedes? If so, is such behavior a bug? What's a
    > good way to deal with this?

    I listed a number of problems with these but I don't know whether they
    are still virulent, compare:


Very good; thanks, Martin. Perhaps some of that info should be added to the
doc, assuming that the behavior will not be changed.

Reading that, and having heard nothing back about why the minibuf-depth.el
code should do what it does in this regard, I'm getting the impression that
the code should be modified not to let the face-bleed occur.

If others agree, then the question would be, what face should be used for
the minibuffer-depth overlay? Choices include: 1) default face, 2) same face
as the text that follows (current approach), or 3) some other face. #1 and
#3 would be OK by me. For #3, there is the further choice of reusing an
existing face or adding a new one.

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