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Re: [bug]org-mode with flyspell-mode freezes emacs

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: Re: [bug]org-mode with flyspell-mode freezes emacs
Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2006 06:26:07 +0200

On Oct 18, 2006, at 0:49, David Kastrup wrote:
Good question.  I am using links like

 [[http://www.google.com][Google Search]]

that will be displayed as "Google Search" in a buffer.  The remaining
characters are hidden, using both invisible and intangible properties.
I am in the process of realizing that `invisible' will be enough to do
the job, and that `intangible' is not needed.

The reason why `intangible' is in there is because emacs-wiki does it
this way, and I learned from looking at this code.  Anyway, I will
probably remove `intangible' from org-mode anyway, just need to
convince myself that is is safe to do so.

Why do you need anything in the buffer at all?  What is the actual
purpose of it?

It is a clickable link, very much like

 <a href="www.google.com">Google Search</a>

- Carsten

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