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RE: tutorial or guidebook text for some complex topics

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: tutorial or guidebook text for some complex topics
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2006 14:19:10 -0700

    > Suggestion for after the release -

    Suggestions for improving the docs don't need to be postponed until
    after the release, since docs changes can never screw the program.

Fine with me, but:

- The release is imminent (hope springs eternal), and coming up with
  such a doc would take some time.

- Even if it can't break anything, it's better for doc to be
  correct, and checking that takes time too.

- Someone might feel that the doc effort distracts from finishing
  the release ;-).

    Adding tutorial is always a good idea, IMO, but the problem is that
    too few people ``in the know'' know how to write good tutorials and/or
    have enough time to do the job.  Volunteers are welcome, as always.

See my other mail about why I'm not volunteering to do the writing myself. I
will be glad to make suggestions about writing proposals from others, if
that helps.

99% of the writing is getting the thoughts right, in particular, examples
and the order of presentation (learning). That is, it's about the teaching
logic more than the words. There is little sense starting with the wording,
ever. This means that people who are not native English speakers can
nevertheless make contributions to the most important part (99%).

Someone knowledgeable about keymaps or font-lock-keywords or faces/text
properties could make a proposal of what is important to teach about that
and what examples might be appropriate, and those of us who are less
knowledgeable could then contribute text or feedback. Or, someone who is
non-expert could propose logic and examples, and have them corrected by
those who are more expert.

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