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RE: tutorial or guidebook text for some complex topics

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: RE: tutorial or guidebook text for some complex topics
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2006 13:13:43 +1300

Drew Adams writes:
 >      > IIUC, GNU does not want to take the chance that an employer
 >      > might claim that a contribution was made in the context of
 >      > employment.
 >     If Oracle are paying you to work on Emacs or even write a
 >     tutorial or guidebook on it, I can see there might be a problem.
 >     If your work for them is not related to Emacs then I can't.
 >     It would be highly unusual for them to specify
 >     what you do outside work.
 > This is a sidebar, distracting from the real thread. I will respond, but I
 > don't want to extend the discussion.

My aim is to stop `the real thread' as I don't find it appropriate to
continually suggest tasks, especially complex ones for after the release, when
you have no intention of doing them yourself.  In my opinion, its a distraction
for those who are contributing.  However, I'm sure Richard won't agree with me,
as the convenience of developers seems to come last on his list.

 > My work is not related to Emacs. My employer specifies nothing about what I
 > do outside work. The company is simply unwilling to sign any papers,
 > probably thinking that there is nothing to be gained.

And doesn't need to then if you contribute outside work.

 >                                                       I imagine that some
 > other large companies might have similar policies - lawyers run the show, to
 > some extent.

I imagine some people who work for them do contribute to Emacs in their own

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