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Re: Building Emacs-cvs on Cygwin (GCC summary)

From: Maks Romih
Subject: Re: Building Emacs-cvs on Cygwin (GCC summary)
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2006 02:22:39 +0100 (CET)

> GCC-3.4.4-(1/2)                         Segment fault 
> GCC-4.0.3                               OK 
> GCC-4.1.1                               OK 
> GCC-4.2-20061024(prerelease)            M-x undefined 
> GCC-4.3-20061022(experim.)              M-x undefined 
> In conclusion on Cygwin only the build with GCC-4.0.3 and > 4.1.1 seem to 
> work fine. 
> Are there people that can confirm these results?

I can confirm the, because I've also had stackdumps when I built the 
emacs-22.0.50 with GCC

Then I compiled with CFLAGS=-g to see where it breaks but it doesn't break any 
more, so now I happily use the debug version.


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