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Fwd: allout encryption and non-ascii characters

From: Ken Manheimer
Subject: Fwd: allout encryption and non-ascii characters
Date: Wed, 1 Nov 2006 13:07:49 -0500

allout's use of pgg for encryption doesn't provide for non-ascii text,
and encoding is a realm where i seem to have less than zero
cluefulness.  can anyone help me solve the problem posed below?


On 11/1/06, an allout user wrote:

Hi Ken,

I've been an allout user for a very long time. It's wonderful
software. Thank you.

Today I thought I'd try out the encryption support as I finally
have a need for it but it doesn't properly handle non-ascii
characters. pgg-output-buffer is created inside of pgg-gpg with
mode of raw-text or binary and that is never converted back
into the charset of the original cleartext. I do a lot of work
in Japanese and so this is critical.

I look at how gnus uses pgg and its charset handling but even
in edebug I couldn't quite see how it was doing it correctly
compared to how allout's method.

If you have any insight I would really appreciate it. I will
try to debug this in my own time but as you are the
maintainer/author of the software involved, I hope you can at
least nudge in me the right direction towards a fix.


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