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Re: Emacs and GFortran

From: Alfred M. Szmidt
Subject: Re: Emacs and GFortran
Date: Wed, 1 Nov 2006 23:49:12 +0100 (CET)

   >    Have you actually read gfortran source code other than
   >    error.c?
   > I have.

   Good, then you can appreciate that the problem isn't trivial.

It is trivial.  As I have shown with the patch.  Can you please apply

   > | l.inc:1:
   > | 
   > |      Included at l.f90:2
   > | 
   > |    integer i
   > |            1
   > | l.f90:3:
   > | 
   > |    call i(j)
   > |            2
   > | Error: 'i' at (1) has a type, which is not consistent with the CALL at 
   > Which will work with any program that parses GNU style error
   > messages by producing two places where one can go to; the user
   > can choose which place to edit.  It doesn't have to catch the
   > exact place, it is after all not a substitute for a brain.

   What about the third location?  You need to parse "Included at
   l.f90:2" to jump to that location to remove the included file.

The error is not in the included file.  The whole point of this thread
is to jump to the location where the error is.  But you can easily
change that to the same format that gcc uses for these things:

| (defconst compilation-error-regexp-alist-alist
| ...
|     (gcc-include
|      "^\\(?:In file included\\|                \\) from \
| \\(.+\\):\\([0-9]+\\)\\(?:\\(:\\)\\|\\(,\\)\\)?" 1 2 nil (3 . 4))
| ...

   > Can you please apply one of those patches?  They both fix the
   > problem.

   But it does not fix the nonconformance to the GNU standard.  The
   above message would need to become

No, this is not needed.  As has been repeated several times by various
people.  The patch fixes the problem to the same extent that g77 fixed
it.  Such extra conformance is not needed at this point.

Please can you apply the patch instead of what I feel as making up
excuses and being stubborn?  Enough time has been wasted on this.

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