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Re: raise-frame doesn't work in Fedora Core 4

From: Jan Djärv
Subject: Re: raise-frame doesn't work in Fedora Core 4
Date: Thu, 02 Nov 2006 08:56:04 +0100
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Richard Stallman skrev:
    In either case, I think we should first make sure this is not a bug in the
    window manager rather than in Emacs.  To me at least, it sounds like a plain
    bug in the window-manager.

Can we find an Xpert who is in a position to say?

Not claiming to be an Xpert, but IMHO the behaviour is a bit surprising. If you follow ICCCAM it does not say a WM may intercept XRaiseWindow. But on the other hand, it does not say a WM can't do that either.

The new spec on the other hand, do say a WM may choose to ignore XRaiseRequests. It says that to really get it raised, one should use _NET_RESTACK_WINDOW.

A side note, _NET_ACTIVATE_WINDOW does more that XRaiseWindow. If your window is on another workspace/desktop, XRaiseWindow does nothing. _NET_ACTIVATE_WINDOW on the other hand (at least with Gnome/Metacity), switches to that desktop/workspace and then does what XRaiseWindow does. In contrast to what wmctrl -R does, it moves the window to the current desktop/workspace and then raises it.

Additionally, there are new states for windows besides Normal/Withdrawn/Iconified. There are shaded windows (only the title bar is shown) also. _NET_ACTIVATE_WINDOW works with these as well.

I think XRaiseWindow does not work with windows that are on desktops/workspaces that aren't the current one, so I guess some WM:s choose to ignore all XRaiseWindow requests just to avoid trouble.

        Jan D.

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