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Re: gfortran error format (was: Re: Emacs and GFortran)

From: François-Xavier Coudert
Subject: Re: gfortran error format (was: Re: Emacs and GFortran)
Date: Fri, 3 Nov 2006 10:06:29 +0100

We will, sooner or later. But there are 123 other bugs (enhancement
requests not counted) in Bugzilla for Gfortran right now. They need to
be fixed too.   We see no reason to give higher priority to this bug
than to the others.

To end the discussion, I'll note that Brooks Moses, with approval of
Steve Kargl and help from Jerry DeLisle for the testing, commited the
change to error.c along with the correct change to the testsuite


Now, can we get our mailing-list back? :)


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