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RE: add a mode-line menu to menu-bar?

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: add a mode-line menu to menu-bar?
Date: Tue, 7 Nov 2006 07:22:41 -0800

> #> For consideration after the release -
> #> 
> #> There is now a lot of stuff going on in the mode-line. How 
> #> about adding a
> #> menu for all of that stuff to the menu-bar? This menu would not replace
> #> mode-line clicking, but it would be an alternative, much as the Minibuf
> #> menu-bar menu is an alternative.
> #> 
> #> Some of the mode-line functionality is not too obvious (different mouse
> #> buttons on different parts of the mode-line). A menu for all 
> #> of it could
> #> also act as a learning aid (e.g. by showing the mode-line key 
> #> sequences).
> In general, I think it would be useful... I, for one, really have no
> idea what different mouse buttons in different places can do.
> Having a place where the functionality is explained and easily available
> would be good.

FYI - tooltips do provide some help on mode-line mouse actions, as does `C-h a 

There are also other reasons to add such a menu, including keyboard access via 
tmm. However, RMS has already decided against this.

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