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Re: Switching to Subversion

From: Sascha Wilde
Subject: Re: Switching to Subversion
Date: Sun, 12 Nov 2006 23:43:09 +0100
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"Juanma Barranquero" <address@hidden> wrote:
> On 11/12/06, Richard Stallman <address@hidden> wrote:
>> Before considering use of subversion for Emacs I would have to use it
>> for something else, to see what it is like.
> Sounds reasonable. I think you'll find Subversion is designed to look
> just like a better CVS. The command set is very similar.

> There are quite a lot other good SCM programs out there (Arch,
> Monotone, svk), but they are far less mature and, in my (limited)
> tests, the user experience is very different. Arch filenames give me
> headaches.

I have to plug mercurial[0] in this thread.  It's a distributed SCM
written in python, which has a ui which is very similar to cvs, too
(at least for all operation where this is possible).  

In addition to most of svn's advantages it's a real distributed SCM
and allows for comfortable offline use.  And its lightweight, too.

It is relatively new, but very stable and successfully used for big
projects (prominent examples are XEN and OpenSolaris, which both chose
it as there primary SCM).

For those interested: as announced before I'm maintaining a converted
mirror of the Emacs CVS and my own development version of Emacs here:
http://hg.intevation.de/emacs and http://hg.intevation.de/emacs/wilde

One of the core developers of mercurial is a friend and colleague of
mine, so I might well be biased, but I would really love to see
mercurial to be used for emacs development.  :-)

Btw. there is no support for mercurial in Emacs yet, but DVC[1]
includes some very usable support...


[0] http://hg.intevation.de/
[1] http://www.xsteve.at/prg/emacs_dvc/
Sascha Wilde

"There is no reason why anyone would want a computer in their home"
Ken Olson, DEC, 1977

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