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Question about AUCTex binding of C-c `

From: Drew Adams
Subject: Question about AUCTex binding of C-c `
Date: Sat, 18 Nov 2006 09:54:53 -0800

I checked the AUCTex doc on the Web, and searched comp.lang.tex, but I
didn't find the answer to this: Is the AUCTex binding of `C-c `' a
minor-mode binding or a major-mode binding?

IIUC, this key should not be bound by a major mode, according to the Elisp
manual (C-c + punctuation other than {}<>:;).

I ask the question because Icicles binds `C-c `' in its minor-mode keymap.
If AUCTex also binds it in a minor-mode map, then I'll think about changing
the Icicles binding.

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