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find-library-name fails if file (with no extension) exists.

From: Juanma Barranquero
Subject: find-library-name fails if file (with no extension) exists.
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2006 17:22:13 +0100

This change from one year ago has an unintended side effect: Emacs
finds the wrong file if a file exists in the path with the same name
and no extension, though the link pointed explicitly to the .el file.

2005-10-25  Romain Francoise  <address@hidden>

       * emacs-lisp/find-func.el (find-library-name): Also strip
       extension if library name ends in .el, to take advantage of

My case: I have nxml-mode installed on site-lisp, and it contains a
file named "VERSION". If I do "M-x describe-variable emacs-version
RET", move onto the "version.el" link and hit enter, Emacs finds
"VERSION" and complains "Unable to find location in file".

I can understand

 (find-library-name "version") => /my/site-lips/VERSION


 (find-library-name "version.el") => /my/site-lisp/VERSION

is beyond weird.


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