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Re: highlight-changes-mode

From: rsharman
Subject: Re: highlight-changes-mode
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2006 21:15:18 -0500

Nick Roberts writes:
 > > Attached is the new version;  please let me know what you think.
 > I don't use highlight-changes-mode but the mode line indicator doesn't appear
 > to toggle unless you do "M-x highlight-changes-toggle-visibility"
 > first.

Yes,  originally I had the mode line displaying either "CHG" or "chg"
depending if the submide was active or passive.  (Those terms refer toe
the old version; I've now called the visible on invisible.)
But Richard Stallman said there was no point in having a modeline
indicator when in "active" sub-mode because it would be obvious.

So there are [in both the old and the new versions] two variables that
can be customized:

highlight-changes-active-string - defaults to nil,  but you could
                                set it to " CHG" for example.

highlight-changes-passive-string - defaults to " Chg".

 >  The manual just says:
 >   Use `M-x highlight-changes-mode' to enable (or disable) Highlight
 >   Changes mode, a minor mode that uses faces (colors, typically) to
 >   indicate which parts of the buffer were changed most recently.
 > Perhaps that needs updating. 

I think that paragraph is still true.   Any changed text should have
been displayed differently when you turned on highlight-changes-mode
(even though the mode indicator hadn't changed).

 Also it might be a good idea to use
 > define-minor-mode to define highlight-changes-mode.

OK, I'll take a look into that.

Thanks for the feedback.

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