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Re: highlight-changes-mode

From: rsharman
Subject: Re: highlight-changes-mode
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2006 21:04:02 -0500

Richard Stallman writes:
 > It looks like you started from something other than the current
 > version of the file.  (I will mail you the current version
 > separately.)  Would you please adapt your changes into the current
 > version?  Please send a diff -c file to show us the changes.
 > Also, would you please send a change log entry?


I received the other message first which was bewildering for a second
but I figured out that the version you sent me was the one I should
merge into.

I didn't have emacs-22 and it looks like I need that for
define-obsolete-variable-alias.  It wasn't easy finding out how to
download emacs-22 (thank heavens for search engines!)  and I'd never
used CVS before but I was amazed how simple it was.  One command and
the entire source code came over.   Brilliant!

I will try and get it done within a week.

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