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Re: the FTP files

From: Miles Bader
Subject: Re: the FTP files
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2006 14:50:34 +0900

Glenn Morris <address@hidden> writes:
> Does information about how to get Scheme and Tex really need to be in
> the Emacs distribution?

Well the filename "FTP" itself seems a bit out-of-date, but...

TeX seems relevant because Emacs uses it to produce printed
documentation.  However the ftp site mentioned in Emacs no longer works.
It would probably be more useful to just mention the typical tex
packages users might install from their OS distribution (I think
"texlive" and "tetex" are the main ones for unix-like systems), and then
maybe point at something like http://www.tug.org/ for more general

Scheme, I dunno, but it seems to me it's only a few lines, and there's
some nostalgia value to keeping at least a small blurb.  Morever the ftp
site still works[*] (though the latest thing on there seems to be about
5 years old :-)!  [Hey, who doesn't like scheme?  :-]

The swiss-project's general scheme page might be a better thing to point
to; it has a well-written short introduction and a bunch of (reasonably
up-to-date) links to pages for mit-scheme, guile, etc.:


[*] Though the server there seems a bit funny, it didn't get along the
first ftp client I tried.


We live, as we dream -- alone....

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