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Re: "Use font-lock-support-mode rather than calling lazy-lock-mode"

From: ishikawa
Subject: Re: "Use font-lock-support-mode rather than calling lazy-lock-mode"
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2006 15:54:37 +0900
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Stefan Monnier wrote:
What would people think of making font-lock-support-mode a no-op, and
creating some new variable people can use if they really want to use
something else instead of jit-lock?

They'd think "Damn, Richard!  What got into you?".
Seriously, I think we're wasting our time here: this problem does not
impact functionality.
AFAICT the OP's problem was the use of a separate package which enabled
lazy-lock.  That package is hence (minorl) broken and will be fixed soon
enough when people start reporting the problem.


The original reporter is here again. I agree.
Once enough people start to complain, the various widely used packages (and their methods of customization) would be fixed sooner or later.
I would rather have it sooner and thus a pointer to such changes would be
nice because having such material on-line, the package maintainers will fix such problems in a short time.
The information doesn't have to be in the manual page. A wiki or web page
accessible for such would-be trial users, among whom are package developers,
are just fine.


Happy Hacking,
Chiaki Ishikawa

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