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Re: "Use font-lock-support-mode rather than calling lazy-lock-mode"

From: ishikawa
Subject: Re: "Use font-lock-support-mode rather than calling lazy-lock-mode"
Date: Fri, 01 Dec 2006 15:29:40 +0900
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Stefan Monnier wrote:
    They'd think "Damn, Richard!  What got into you?".
    Seriously, I think we're wasting our time here: this problem does not
    impact functionality.

I am skeptical of these statements.
Could you present reasons for them?

IIRC the "problem" was that Emacs warned the user that lazy-lock is obsolete
and that she can fix that via font-lock-support-mode.  That's no loss of
functionality: lazy-lock works just as well as ever, AFAIK.


The original reporter

The problem here was that I got a warning about lazy-lock being deprecated and
the code that printed the warning  contained "(sit-for 2)" and
the resulting behavior was not quite friendly since I could not figure out initially where lazy-lock was invoked until I traced the code to figure out where.

I am not sure if lazy-lock mode (supplied with 22.0.90) works without showing this warning every now and then (electric-buffer mode certainly was not usable due to this warning message obscuring the intermediate output/input all the time.).
Basic functionality works maybe, but it was hardly usable to a testing luser.

Just my observation.

As for NOT putting the information into the info page, I concur given that
there is a NEWS entry and/or other pointers available on-line so that
the package mainteners have ample hints to fix his/her codes.
By the time, the release to the general public occurs, the kind of problems that I faced (in relation to somewhat obscure initialize code for VM) would disapper,

Chiaki Ishikawa

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