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is it possible to indicate collum of execution position as well as line

From: Mike Mattie
Subject: is it possible to indicate collum of execution position as well as line in gud ?
Date: Sat, 2 Dec 2006 06:01:06 -0800


I use cperl-mode quite a bit with the debugger. I tend to favor map like 
expressions and when
stepping with gud (which works quite well by the way), execution of the map's 
block just
stays on the same line not really giving me any indication of where the 
execution path has

A more generalized example of this is:

<statement> ; <statement> ; <statement>

here gud will visually drop the execution flow as well by only rendering the 

I would guess (haven't used it yet) that the elisp/lisp debugger would indicate
the collumn with how free-flowing lisp expressions can be.

My question is this: can markers such as the gud caret be placed in the buffer ?
Some sort of "between the lines" marker ? If the answer is yes it seems to me 
gud could indicate the collumn of the execution point.

Not a bug , or even a feature request, just a question.


With all those bug reports you guys are working on for the next release it
might seem like there are alot of problems in emacs. I have been happily
using emacs 22.90.1 on both a Gentoo x86 GNU/Linux machine, and a darwin-ppc
laptop for a while now, without a single crash. It's faster, better integrated, 
and more functionally efficient than anything I have used previously. In short
the new emacs sparkles.

happy holidays,
Mike Mattie

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