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Re: Patch: Syntax and Hard Newlines

From: David Reitter
Subject: Re: Patch: Syntax and Hard Newlines
Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2006 17:43:53 +0000

On 22 Nov 2006, at 13:15, Richard Stallman wrote:

There is an Elisp library that switches the line-based movement key sequences to appropriately modified commands. I think that most other
    stuff would not be minded by the user.

I'd like to see people report on how they like this.
(Which library is it?)

We've had a similar library installed and enabled by default in the Aquamacs distribution for about a year now (see URL below).

Discussions with users resulted in binding <down> and <up> to the appropriate functions, but not C-p and C-n, so that wrapped lines can still be navigated comfortably. If a mode binds up/down to something else than next/prior, this new binding is preserved.

IIRC, the functions `visual-line-up' and friends that I wrote differ from the other available library in that they work well with variable- width fonts.

`kill-visual-line' and `kill-whole-visual-line', `beginning/end-of- visual-line' are provided as well and do the obvious.

Inevitably, some users were annoyed with the functionality, so it makes sense to allow for customization (e.g. with a minor mode `visual-line-navigation' or so).


http://aquamacs.cvs.sourceforge.net/*checkout*/aquamacs/aquamacs/src/ site-lisp/macosx/osxkeys.el (This library doesn't work as stand-alone, but I can easily extract the visual-line-* code.)

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