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Re: unicode font-backend + tiling

From: Mikhail Gusarov
Subject: Re: unicode font-backend + tiling
Date: Wed, 06 Dec 2006 18:21:52 +0600
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You (address@hidden) wrote:

 MB> However I've _also_ just tried my test in gnome-terminal and some
 MB> other gnome apps, and they do the same thing (use AA always, even
 MB> for CJK) in the "body" text.  However the same programs use
 MB> non-AA CJK text in menus etc.!  So I don't know where that
 MB> decision is getting made....

 MB> Firefox on the other hand, even its "body" text, uses AA at small
 MB> sizes, non-AA at normal sizes, and AA at big sizes, which I
 MB> gather is the desired behavior.

Apps have the power to override the decision made in fontconfig. I
suppose both gnome-terminal and Firefox do use it. Not sure such
override is a good thing.


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