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Re: unicode font-backend + tiling

From: James Cloos
Subject: Re: unicode font-backend + tiling
Date: Thu, 07 Dec 2006 07:58:46 -0500
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>>>>> "Kenichi" == Kenichi Handa <address@hidden> writes:

Kenichi> I read the manual of fontconfig but couldn't understand the
Kenichi> difference between FcMatchPattern and FcMatchFont as the
Kenichi> third arg of FcConfigSubstitute.  Could someone please
Kenichi> explain it?

What it is trying to say is that, if FcMatchPattern is specified, then
sections of the fonts.conf that are in:

| <match target="pattern">
| </match>

sections are used, but if FcMatchFont is specified, then sections in:

| <match target="font">
| </match>

get used.

In the former case, and if FcConfigSubstituteWithPat is called,
the p_pat arg gets matched against the <test> chunks in the
<match target="pattern"> chunks.  Otherwise that arg is not used.

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