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RE: global minor modes that can be overridden locally? [was: highlight-c

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: global minor modes that can be overridden locally? [was: highlight-changes-mode]
Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2006 17:58:08 -0800

> >> Why not define a new sub foo-mode-locally to toggle it in
> >> current buffer when it is a global minor mode?
> >
> > Not clear to me what you mean.
> That makes me wonder if I am misunderstanding something ... Are we not
> talking about global minor mode and how to turn them on or off both
> globally in all buffers and locally in just one buffer?

Yes. Currently, there is no way to do the latter; a global minor mode is not
overridden locally. This would be a possible new feature.

> I meant that foo-mode should toggle the global minor mode in all buffers
> and foo-mode-locally should toggle it in just the current buffer. Should
> not that be possible?

Yes. The advantage of that would be that it would avoid using C-u. The
disadvantage would be that it would be a separate command.

You might be right that that would be simpler. I assume that it would act
just like foo-mode does wrt turning on and off explicitly (i.e. with a
prefix arg).

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