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RE: Minimum frame size in Windows

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Minimum frame size in Windows
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2006 09:56:39 -0800

> > Perhaps I don't understand correctly, but if this prevents 
> > users or Lisp code from making frames smaller than the frame 
> > title, I am 100% against it.
> On Windows, there's a(n overridable) system limit for how small a
> window can be. Currently Emacs half-supports it: you can not do a
> window arbitrarily small by resizing it, but you can do it as wide as
> the system limit, and (I think) as hight as a line in the default
> font, which often is less than the window caption (see the attached
> image). That's why I'm trying to avoid.
> Do you have an use for Emacs frames less than this size? How do you
> avoid the caption?

Thanks for the explanation. 

You initially spoke of limiting the "size" to the "window caption" (frame 
title, I guess). I thought you meant width too. Please do not impose a width 
limit, especially one that depends on the width of the current frame title. 
That's the main objection I had.

I think now that you're speaking only of imposing a frame height limit, not a 
width limit. I guess you're saying that a width limit is already imposed by the 
system, and that is roughly the width of the icons used in the title bar, plus 
maybe two title characters (at least that's what I see in your image). Is that 
correct? Do you just want to limit the height, not the width? If so, what is 
the height limit that you want to impose - one frame-char height? Why? 

I still don't understand the problem you are trying to fix. You mention only 
ugliness. That's not a good reason to impose a size limitation, IMO. Someone 
might have a reason to shrink a frame to a tiny size, perhaps in a way that is 
unrelated to character size. And people who don't want to shrink to such a tiny 
size just won't do it. What does it hurt to allow this? What is the real need 
for such a change? Did you run into a problem and somehow ended up with a frame 
like the one you sent an image of? Please describe the real problem.

If it aint broke don't fix it, please. (Or, as someone here is wont to say, "No 
one has ever complained about that before" ;-).)

I have code that resizes frames, and it lets users set their own minimum frame 
dimensions. I would not like Emacs to impose some hard-coded minimum. If a 
given OS or window manager imposes a minimum, so be it, but why make Emacs 
impose a minimum also?

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