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Re: highlight-changes-mode

From: rsharman
Subject: Re: highlight-changes-mode
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2006 18:33:23 -0500

Richard Stallman writes:
 > Which way do these changes handle the question of the global mode command?
 > As far as I know we haven't yet decided what that should do.

By default the global mode works like other global modes:
turning it off turns the mode off in all existing buffers.

There is a variable that can be set to a function (that is called when
the global mode is turned off) to actually turn off the mode in each
buffer.  This gives the ability for folks who really don't want that
behaviour to do something about it.

If you feel this is wrong then I will submit a version without
that variable [and thus no change to easymmode is required];
turning off the global mode would then be "final".

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