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Re: Mysterious fontification/C++ context issue - Patch for beginning-of-

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Mysterious fontification/C++ context issue - Patch for beginning-of-defun-raw.
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2006 17:49:52 -0500
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> The right default for opic0ids in CC Mode is nil.  Please believe me on
> this point.

[ I agree, of course, since an open-paren or open-brace or open-bracket
  (almost?) never begins a defun in C. ]
Why is it so important?

>> If someone later comes up with a clever c-beginning-of-defun function,
>> we can switch it back.

> There is already an exceptionally clever c-beginning-of-defun function.
> Martin Stjernholm put a _lot_ of work into it.  It depends essentially on
> beginning-of-defun working "correctly" (i.e. syntactically) when opic0ids
> is set to nil.

Could you explain why it has to rely on beginning-of-defun working in
a particular way?  Can't you use syntax-ppss-toplevel-pos?
Is beginning-of-defun used indirectly via some other function over which you
have too little control?  If so which one?

I disagree that the behavior you want is the "correct" one.  It's not
necessarily wrong, but it has significant drawbacks and it seems that
syntax-ppss-toplevel-pos is preferable when you want that behavior.


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