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Re: Font-lock in COMINT modes

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: Font-lock in COMINT modes
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2006 11:00:02 -0500

I listed in FOR-RELEASE that this case is slow:

    You must have gotten that impression from Stefan's 12/08 message:

      if [font-lock-defaults ] is nil font-lock-mode-internal is not
      activated at all.  AFAIK nil and (nil t) are equivalent (i.e. don't
      highlight anything), except that (nil t) takes a lot more CPU to do
      nothing (it runs all the font-lock-foo-function hooks, enables
      jit-lock so as to do nothing just-in-time rather than eagerly,
      checks where nothing needs to be done, rounds up to a whole number
      of lines the region upon which inaction is requested, checks if
      there's a multiline entity and extends the region even more, so that
      nothing is done in a multiline way, ...).

    Even though it is true that font lock jumps through more hoops with
    (nil t), there is no evidence that this slowdown affects the user.

Could you check and see?

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