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etags comma on emacs DEFUNs

From: Kevin Ryde
Subject: etags comma on emacs DEFUNs
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2006 10:05:06 +1100
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It looks like etags puts a comma on the end of the lisp name of an
emacs DEFUN.  Eg. the foo.c below which is a copy of car-safe from

        etags foo.c

creates a TAGS file with (expanding ^? and ^A for the sake of mail),

        DEFUN ("car-safe", Fcar_safe,^?car-safe,^A1,0

and indeed in emacs

        M-x visit-tags-table Ret
        M-. Tab

offers a sole completion


where I didn't expect to see a "," on the end.  Seems harmless most of
the time because you can type car-safe and M-. will jump to a partial
match, but it's not intended is it?

It looks like whatever char is after Fcar_safe is included in the tag,
you can insert a space there in the source and it goes through.

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