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Building cvs emacs on a dual-core machine

From: Eric Lilja
Subject: Building cvs emacs on a dual-core machine
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2006 12:47:13 +0100
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I recently upgraded my computer with a dual-core CPU. I've been enjoying nice decreases in compile time in my own projects by specifying --jobs=2 when invoking make.

However, when I tried that with emacs it started compiling, very fast with both cores busy, but the build craps out (sorry, no log) after a little while. Maybe because it tries to build something that depends on something else that has not been quite finished yet because when multiple jobs are specified things doesn't happen in serial anymore? I don't know, but I know it works if I exclude --jobs=2. But then emacs is built and the total cpu utilization is only 50 percent. :-( Is there a way I can utilise both cores when building emacs? I bought the new processor mostly to get improved compile time performace. :-)

- Eric

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