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Re: fullscreen and gnome

From: Patrick Drechsler
Subject: Re: fullscreen and gnome
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2006 20:50:58 +0100
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Jan Djärv wrote:
James Cloos skrev:
"Patrick" == Patrick Drechsler <address@hidden> writes:
Patrick> Thank you Jan, your example code works fine. But as mentioned
Patrick> in my original post I was looking for a solution which is
Patrick> independent of the window manager/OS in use. I guess I'll
Patrick> just stick with the --geometry parameter.

The technique Jan used for maximizing is the same as the technique
that the -fs flag uses to do full screen.  Both just set the window
manager hints for the specified display options.

The _NET_WM_STATE hints are standardized.  All modern window managers
should use them.

As such, they should be supported by everthing that you use.

You can run this on each platform to confirm:

:; xlsatoms |egrep _NET_WM

And you can use xprop to see the settings for any given window.  As an
example, I get this for the emacs frame I'm writing this in:
I'd expect that you will find that Jan's solution will Just Work.

Well, there are always the old WM:s that don't support _NET_*.

Thanks Jan and James (and sorry for the late reply) for your feedback. The code you posted actually works fine. Opposed to the subject I was subliminally hoping for a solution which would also work using Windows. I can see that this is not accomplished that easily. But one mouse click to maximize isn't that difficult either ;-)

Thanks again for your help,


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