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Re: allout patch to workaround discrepancies with new pgg interface (gpg

From: Ken Manheimer
Subject: Re: allout patch to workaround discrepancies with new pgg interface (gpg-agent provisions)
Date: Thu, 28 Dec 2006 11:50:37 -0500

as i mentioned, i'm going to have online access only intermittently
over the next few weeks.  it looks like daiki ueno has submitted a
patch that may repair the underlying pgg problem that provoked the
patch i submitted in a prior message in this thread, but the patch is
still an important improvment in the way allout uses pgg, even with
the pgg problem fixed.  i hope my patch will be applied, and also
daiki ueno's pgg patch, if sascha wilde checks and oks it.

(i won't need to suppress pgg-gpg-use-agent at all, if the pgg
passphrase problem is fixed, but the suppression won't hurt, and the
other parts of my patch are crucial.  if the timing works out and the
pgg problem gets settled i'll submit a new patch removing the
suppression, on jan 1 or 2.)

On 12/25/06, Ken Manheimer <address@hidden> wrote:
as i said in the other thread ("Documenting gpg-agent"), i do think
there's a problem in that passed-in passphrases seem to be
disregarded.  i also think, however, that allout is better off not
handling keypair passphrases, though it must continue to handle
symmetric-key passphrases (which i explain in detail in the other
thread).  so the attached patch does exactly that - allout will
continue to handle symmetric-key passphrases, but defer to pgg for
keypair passphrases.  i think this is a win all around.


2006-12-25  Ken Manheimer  <address@hidden>

        * allout.el (allout-encrypt-string): Handle symmetric-key
        passphrase caching but leave keypair catching to pgg.

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