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Re: How global is a define-global-minor-mode mode?

From: Lennart Borgman (gmail)
Subject: Re: How global is a define-global-minor-mode mode?
Date: Sat, 30 Dec 2006 11:57:15 +0100
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Richard Stallman wrote:
I believe the problem is that the setup of the hook functions is not done as expected. I have my global minor mode set to t in customize, but I do not found the global mode hook functions in the hook after startup. (The global minor mode is t.)

That sounds like a bug.  Can you debug it?  Can you provide a
_precise_ self-contained test case so someone else can debug it?

Create a file tg.el in your emacs load-path:

 (define-minor-mode tg-mode ""
   :lighter "  **TG** ")

 (define-global-minor-mode tg-globalized-mode tg-mode
     (tg-mode 1)))

Eval it and customize tg-globalized-mode permanently to t.

Start Emacs again:

   M-x load-library tg
   C-h v tg-globalized-mode
      => Its value is t
   C-h v tg-mode
      => Its value is nil

Then try

    Mx tg-globalized-mode
      => Tg-Globalized mode disabled
    M-x tg-globalized-mode
      => Tg-Globalized mode enabled
    C-h v tg-mode
      => Its value is t

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